Ole Henriksen Serum Review

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

Ole what? This sounds like a beer. Are you supposed to rub beer on your face? How can a beer improve the health of the skin? I wonder if the suds in the beer would carry enough antioxidants to kill free radicals. Anyway, the article is not about beer but about a serum that may do wonders for the skin. I will endeavor to review the best ole Henriksen serums in this articles. It is the aim of the writer to give you informative and enriching information to help you choose the right ole Henriksen’s serum for your unique needs. Some of the products may have no reviews attached to them because this may a fairly new serum on the market. Let’s go to the reviews.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster

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Benefits and Uses: The product is way overpriced and you hardly get any product in the bottle. If you buy this product you will end paying $ 50.00 for a one-ounce bottle of serum. The company says the serum is totally weightless which nonsense because the liquid has to have weight to adhere to the laws of gravity. If it was a weightless product it would not absorb into the skin but float in space. The serum will absorb deeply into the skin and penetrate deepest layers of the skin. Once, it reaches the deeper levels of the skin it will begin to perform a long term work deep within the recesses of the skin. The product is supposed to be a must-have skin beauty product. If your skin is sensitive and prone to get irritated then the product will help to greatly calm the skin. The only problem is you only get one-ounce of the product for $50.00 which is way too high of a price to pay. There may not be enough product to use to have any type of effect on your skin.

Feedback: The customer says she does not have much of a beauty routine. She pats herself on the back for the beautician complimenting her for using a vitamin C serum. The customer ignored the criticism about the fact that she virtually had no beauty routine outside applying the serum. The client has oily/combination skin and the product is helping to heal her skin. It is easing the dry patches on the skin. She says a little goes a long way but despite this reality, the product is too expensive and you hardly get any liquid in the bottle. The customer says the product does not come with a glass bottle and pump. It is a plastic bottle that is not even totally filled to the top. The image shows the bottle as being glass and being equipped with a The company is charging $50. per bottle and the bottles are not even filled to the top. The bottle is not glass and does not come with a pump.

This company is deceptive because they advertise their bottles as being glass with pumps. The reality is that the bottles are plastic and they contain no pumps. This is a classic case of a false advertisement. The customer says do not buy the product. Another customer says do not buy the product because when they received the product it had expired two years earlier. The product was not ole Henriksen’s, the customer claims and the product came in a plastic bottle and not a glass bottle. The image showed the bottle is packaged in a glass bottle and not a plastic bottle. This company is being very deceptive and they cannot be trusted because they send plastic bottles of the product instead of glass bottles of the product like they advertise in the image. The one customer received a product that had expired 2 years earlier.

The customer says the 6-year-old noticed the customer’s skin was clear and had no blemishes. The young child said the mother will not grow old like the grandmother. The customer complained that they bought the product on Amazon and by the time the customer received the product most of it had leaked out and hardly any product was left in the bottle. The customer bought it in the store and the product was fine. The customer says to take extra time to shop for the product in the store. The customer does not seem to mind paying the high price on the bottle. The customer says the product was a little sticky and they did not get the warm fuzzies that some of the other customers said they had experienced. It did not help the customer’s skin and they will try a new product when they finish this product. For $50.00 for a one-ounce bottle you cannot blame them for wanting to finish the product.

This is unbelievable the customer bought the product in January of 2017 and it expired in 2015. The product caused the customer’s skin to breakout no wonder the product was 2 years expired. The company needs to be held accountable for shipping expired bottles of product to their customer base. This is the second complaint of a customer receiving a bottle of product that was expired. For $50.00 a bottle the company should have the decency to send a product that is not expired to the customers. If I was a customer I sure would not buy this product because I would receive a spoiled bottle of product.

The customer uses this product and another product the two products leave the face moisturized without the greasy feeling. The customer uses other products made by the company and the customer admits the products are expensive. This will not stop the customer from using the product. The customer says the product does not have the scent or consistency of the original product. The product expired two years earlier from when the product was bought by the customer. The customer returned the product and they said they will not put the product on the face. This is the third client that is complaining the product expired two years earlier in the year they bought the product.

Ole Henriksen Serum Collagen 

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Benefits and Uses: The product comes in a bottle that carries .5 ounces of fluid. It costs $25.00 per bottle which again is way too much money to spend for a truth serum. It is shipped as a travel-sized bottle that is not boxed. This will guarantee the product will leak and the customer will receive an empty bottle. This is poor shipping as the product is shipped without being packaged properly. The company’s integrity is lacking because they’re charging too much money for the product. The customer will more than likely receive bottles that are empty of the product because they are shipped without being boxed. The company again claims the product is weightless which is totally absurd because this would defy the effects of gravity. The product again is said to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and will work at the deepest levels to enhance the skin. This is a must buy product especially for people who have sensitive skin that easily becomes irritated.

Feedback: The customer says the serum is great despite the high price. The customer has used serums sporadically over the years. The customer used this product and it has really helped the skin. The customer received two comments about how great the skin looked in one week. The customer will get a refill to keep the compliments coming. The customer was surprised and gave the product a 5-star rating. This is a review in stark contrast to some of the negative reviews. This company really has a very poor track record from previous reviews about their shipping methods and their product being expired when the customers receive them.

The customer says the product smells wonderful and works great for the face. This is a meaningless review because it does not say how the product helped the customer’s face. A potential buyer would know nothing about whether the product was a good or poor quality serum after reading the review. There are critical details left out of the product namely why the customer liked the product so much, why it smelled so good, and what it did to help the customer’s skin. The same customer gave the product a 5-star rating but they give no hint as to why they gave it the highest rating possible.

This is a very generic review and tells us nothing about how good the product is. The customer says the serum is nice and they love it. They gave it a 5-star rating so they really liked the product. They do not say what the product did for their skin. They do not say why they like the product so much. The review contains no information that has any selling value for potential customers. It lacks critical information saying exactly what the product did to change the customer’s complexion or if they will buy the product again. These kinds of reviews just do not help potential customers to decide if they should try the product or not. Another 5-star rating for the product by a customer who has no substance in the review. The customer says they have used the product for years and received it as a present for the first time. They love the product! Why do they love the product and why have they been using it for years? They obviously really like the product because they have been using it for years and they recently gave it a 5-star rating. No details were given as to why they have used it for years or why they still give the product a 5-star rating.

Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders Holiday Mini Collection

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Benefits and Uses: The product description was sparse. The product comes in a set with both products containing very little product. The set is overpriced at $40.00 which is excessive for the amount of product you get in each container. You a bottle of truth serum and moisturizing gel. The company has a history of charging too much for their products and not giving enough product in the containers.

In all the previous reviews of the company’s products, there have been a few nagging patterns that have been emerging. There have been a few complaints about the product being too expensive and there have been customers that have received products that have expired past the expiration date. A few customers have said the product leaked in shipping and by the time the clients received the product, there was no product left in the bottles because it all leaked out.

Feedback: The customer says the product is working ok but they did have a few breakouts from using the product. They said the acne scars eventually faded from the use of the product and they will continue to use the company’s line of products but they are hoping for better and longer lasting results than they are currently experiencing. This sounds like a mixed review at best. The customer did not wear makeup for a week while using the product.

This is a mixed review, to say the least. The customer loved the three products as they called them their wonder products. They say they received a set of products they did not order. They received a smaller version of the three wonder products and a tea cleanser. The 3 products were a smaller version of the original three products they ordered. They say they would prefer to have a set of the three products in a larger size than to receive 3 smaller-sized versions of the product and a cleanser they do not need. The customer gave it a 1-star rating. Again, another shipping error made by this company. There have been quite a few shipping errors made by this company as previous reviews of their products have stated.

Another review that gives little information about why the customer loves the product or why they gave it a 5-star review. These kinds of reviews should not be written. They give a potential customer little to no insight as to why the reviewer likes the product so much or why they gave it such a high rating. The customer says they love the product and they can tell a difference in two weeks. Why do they love it? What was the difference they saw in two weeks? Where was the difference on the face, the hands, the neck? I know no more about the quality of this product than I did before I read this review. These types of reviews are very frustrating to read because they offer no help in the selling decision for a possible customer. These kinds of reviews may have been written by the clients to try and help others. They may even have been written with the greatest intent. But they are totally useless because they offer no solid content.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen boosted with True-C Complex 

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Benefits and Uses: A very sparse product description that is quite useless, to be honest. The product contains ingredients that will brighten and hydrate the skin all day. The product contains collagen and vitamin C. The company does not say why these ingredients are good for the skin. This product description would not convince a potential customer that they need this product or why the product is so critical for them to use.

Feedback: Another valueless review relatively speaking in comparison to some of the other reviews written about other products. The customer gives it a 4-star rating and says it works well. But it is too expensive to use it. Well, why did the customer give it a 4 -star rating and say the product works so well? We need to know why the product worked well for the customer. Other customers may be willing to invest the money in the product but they need to know why they should invest money in the product.

Ole Henriksen The Whole Truth Serum

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Benefits and Uses: All three of the products contain vitamin C that is the active ingredient in the products that will brighten and even the skin tone for a more natural looking skin. they firm up the skin by supporting the existing collagen in the skin and they keep the face hydrated all day long.

Feedback: Another product that expired when the customer received it. The product was oozing out of the bottle and stunk when the customer opened the bottle up. This is another customer complaining that they received a product that was past its shelf life. The company has a terrible track record of shipping old and stale bottles of product. They keep doing this and they will have no customers buying their products. This just happens too much with his company. I do not have the confidence in this company that they would send me a product that has not expired.


While some of the company’s products were given some 5-star ratings there were too many reviews that said the customers received the product that was expired. There were a few instances where the customer opened up the bottle of the product only to discover most of the product had leaked out. One customer who had received the product said upon opening the product that it was oozing all over and it was past the expiration date what a big surprise that was. The company charges very high prices for their products but too many of their customers received shipments of products that were expired. This is not the way to win customers over or the way to run a business, especially in such a high profile industry as the beauty industry.


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