Does Phentermine Cause Acne

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

Let me ask you a question. What does not cause acne these days? The big debate centers around whether phentermine will cause massive acne breakout or not. Phentermine is basically a white powerized crystalise to treat obesity in patients suffering from this condition. It dissolves in water and alcohol. It works in the central nervous system. It is said this drug is the most used to lose weight in the world. It has been on the scene since 1959 and it is as popular as ever. Know how a weight loss drug can cause acne is the question of the hour.

Side Effects of Phentermine

Side Effects of Phentermine

This may be a very popular drug to treat obesity but it has some bad side effects. It sounds like a quick but expensive way to lose weight. The side effects include anxious feelings and thoughts and nervousness, acne, skin rashes, a dry desert mouth and urticarial which is a nasty rash that appears in the form of red bumps that probably looks like chickenpox. It is an extremely itchy skin rash like chicken pox.

People who have taken this drug say one of the worst side effects is widespread acne on the face and body. Let s be clear about this though it may not be directly responsible for activating acne it sure can trigger the causes that would produce acne in the body.

Causes of Acne While Using Phentermine

Causes of Acne While Using Phentermine

The biggest acne triggers while using this drug are stress, diet changes, hormonal imbalances and physical exertion which produces sweat and all the effects sweat has on producing acne. It is a known fact that when you take phentermine that it so suppresses your appetite you hardly eat. This will cause the body to go into emergency survival stress mode which will trigger acne. To avoid this appetite suppression you should force yourself to eat healthy foods while on the phentermine and maintain a well-balanced diet. Certainly do not go back to the diet that caused the obesity in your body in the first place. You see this drug is effective in helping you lose weight, causing acne and it is a dangerous drug to abuse. Instead of eating three balanced meals you can eat four to six smaller portions of healthy foods while on this drug. This way you can relieve the stress the body would otherwise be in and you can still remain healthy. You also reduce the chances of getting acne which is always a plus.

Being obese will always cause a hormonal imbalance. Acne is a friend to the pituitary gland when the hormones in the human body get off balance these glands will become diseased and if this happens the acne levels will skyrocket. The acne will increase because the testosterone levels have gone through the roof. Buy phentermine removes fat tissue which removes the hormonal imbalance. The end result the drug will remove acne eventually. Other causes for acne are dysfunctional sex organs and diseases pituitary and endocrine glands as was mentioned before.

Another mistake people make when they take phentermine is they slow down their exercise routine or don’t exercise at all. What they will do is go the gym and exercise like maniacs once a week. This will increase testosterone levels and the acne will increase as well. Increased testosterone and increased acne willows go hand in hand. People who are taking this drug need to have an active lifestyle and still go to the gym and do more moderate workouts 3or 4 times a week. This way you still will lose weight and faster now that you are working out. You will stay healthy and guess what you won’t have spiked testosterone levels and your acne will disappear or not develop at all.

You know though even if you suffer from acne while taking phentermine you can treat it. Use acne fighting treatments, medicines designed to kill acne, face cleansers and moisturizers. Also, after every workout clean your face off with a moist towelette or a clean towel because this will keep the pores breathing and unclogged. If you keep the pores open and unclogged you greatly reduce the risk of getting acne.

You can also use gels specifically designed to release the sebaceous plug and reduce the inflammation on the skin. These will help to get rid of any acne flare-up. Your dermatologist can surely recommend acne preventing medications as well.

Reviews of Phentermine

Reviews of Phentermine

It is very clear that phentermine will not directly cause acne but it will trigger other biological factors that will trigger acne. So yes this drug does cause acne indirectly. But there are some alarming reviews online of what dangerous effects this drug can have on your mental as well as an emotional state.

This particular site is dedicated to recording people who have reviewed this rug. Hey wrote of their personal experiences with taking this drug. One user was 21 years old and was overweight. She was concerned because she had not had a menstrual cycle in one year. She decided to take phentermine because the doctor said if she lost weight she could start having her menstrual cycles again. Plus she and her husband were trying to have a baby over a period of a year without success.

Things were going bad from the beginning. She did stay away from food the first day but the drug altered her personality. Normally she is a happy person who finds the positive in all events of life. The first night on the drug she was just plain old angry really at nothing. She increased the dose and started eating healthier foods the weight began to come off. This was a good thing.

The bad thing was that she started feeling worthless, stupid and fearful for no rational reason. She began to think her husband’s family hated her and that no one wanted to be around her. She even thought her friends were talking bad about her behind her back and were turning against her. She became depressed and in a desperate attempt, she tried to explain to her husband what was going on inside of herself. She could not get the words out to express her feelings she began to cry hysterically and felt stupid she could not communicate with her spouse. This was at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.
Her next series of thoughts were to starve herself because she felt ugly. She fell into a deeper depression and considered going to counseling. She finally started her menstrual cycle and she was elated but she thinks the drug triggered the monthly cycle. She hates to go to sleep even if she is tired. Her husband will go to bed alone and she hates it because she is up by herself and feeling lonely. Normally, she is not clingy but she does love her husband.

The drug made her clingy

The drug made her clingy and all she wanted to do was have her husband pay attention to her and tell her she was desirable and pretty all the time. This was out of character for her. She stopped taking the drug and she did return to her normal, happy self The drug experience was a nightmare for her.

This review is alarming of how this drug affected this young lady. She was prescribed phentermine for issues with PMDD

She took the drug for three days and for three days she had some very negative reactions to the drug. She suffered from memory issues, dizziness, shortness of breath, migraine-type headaches and dry mouth. Her appetite went South as well. She decided to stop the medication for fear it would cause her severe health issues down the road. She lost 30 pounds with good old exercise and eating healthy over a 5 month period. She says the diet pill is dangerous and is not worth the risk to take it every day.

This reviewer had a positive experience with the drug. She had two babies over a 7 year period. She had gained 50 pounds during her first pregnancy. She gained some more weight on the second one as well. She took the pill intermittently over a period of time. She had no side effects other than she felt dizzy a couple of times after she had been lying down.

She feels the drug works because she lost all the weight she had gained after taking the drug. She gained a few pounds back since stopping the drug but overall it worked out well for her. She says that people think the drug will do all the work for them. She says the person has to cooperate with the drug and work with it. In other words, exercise, change eating habits, etc. She believes the drug is wonderful.

This woman started out really well taking the pill on a regular basis. She lost 30 pounds in after 3 months of taking the pill. She lost 10 pounds the first week. She didn’t even want to look at unhealthy food. She was ecstatic with the progress. Then she hit a plateau and stopped losing weight.

So, she increased her dose to 2 37.5mg pills per day. It went downhill from there. She stopped sleeping it became nonexistent to her. If she did sleep it would be maybe three or four times a week and she would sleep all night. The rest of the time she could not sleep because her mind went rancid. She kept taking the pill for a year and she just got worse and she didn’t lose any more weight.

She became paranoid that if she stopped taking the pill that because she was afraid she would go into rage mode sporadically like she had done in the past while still taking this drug. She became psychotic and it sounded like suicidal. She Began to question her existence and what was the point of her life. She began to think she would be better off dead for her family’s sake than alive. Taking her life became more and more appealing to her. She seriously began to think about killing herself. It got so desperate her husband feared she would kill herself. She realized this was not the person who she really was. She quit taking the drug and yes her metabolism stopped and she gained back thirty pounds.

She said the drug worked but at what cost a cost that is not worth taking. She warns people to be very careful with the drug. She would rather be heavier and happy than depressed and lighter. She warns that the drug is too good to be true. She became psychotic on the drug and seriously was contemplating suicide.

This woman had an absolutely great experience on the drug. She lost 90 pounds but she adhered to a strict diet and exercise regime. She had no ill effects from the drug and she thinks the drug is wonderful. She says for people to give the drug a try and make their own decision on whether it is a good or bad drug. She gave the drug a five star rating.

Another reviewer says she took the drug on a daily basis and she did not lose any weight. But she did have insomnia and episodes of rage which both sounded like these were not regular behavioral patterns for her. Yes, her appetite shrunk but she still did not lose any weight. Several days after stopping the drug she slept and cried until the effects wore off. She cautions that if you are prone to depression and anxiety that you do not want to take this drug. It Will make you more anxious and depressed.

This is an alarming review, to say the least. This woman started taking phentermine about two weeks earlier at the time the review was written. At first, it made her hyper and restless to the point she could not sit still. She would not take it on days she knew she would be sitting for long periods of time.

She began to experience a deep depression and deep anxious feelings. She was angrier than normal and generally felt like she was a bad person. She also experienced bad breath. One day she went into psycho mode while driving her mother somewhere. She started yelling at her mother for no apparent reason then she became so upset she started crying uncontrollably and hysterically. Her mother made her pull off the side of the road. She went to a party and was bouncing off the walls like a basketball not literally just figuratively. She was in super hype mode. Later she blew up at her husband over something minor.

At first, she chalked the metamorphosis to a midlife crisis/menopause drama. She was 50 years old at the time of the writing. Then she connected the dots and realized the drug ha caused those alarming side effects in her. She stopped taking the drug and now she is her happy, normal self. She, of course, apologized to her mother and her husband. She admits she is a little overweight but she will live with it.

She implores people to not take the drug because it is so harmful with all the severe side effects. She was livid with their doctor for prescribing the drug to her in the first place. The doctor did not warn her of the horrible side effects either which of course did not help anything. She advises people to make healthy choices to lose weight. Just don’t take phentermine.

side effects phentermine

She was totally out of control and she felt like she had become psycho. Which is never a good state of mind to be in.She hates the drug and implied it was too dangerous to consume and it is totally useless.

Another woman said she first took the drug when she was 19-years-old but she did not go into detail about that experience. She is now 27- years-old and she did talk about this experience. She started taking the drug again and says she lost 25 pounds. But she pointed out that it was not only the drug that caused her to lose that weight. She drank a bunch of water and cut down on her carb intake. She exercises more and attributes these factors to her weight loss. She says the diet pill is a weight loss aide, not a miracle cure to lose weight.


We have taken a journey together to find out id phentermine causes acne or not. We found out that one of its serious side effects was acne proliferation. Granted it is not a direct cause for an increase in acne it sure does trigger the mechanisms that er directly responsible for acne breakouts. So to answer the question es the drug indirectly causes acne.

We concluded the latter half of the article with reviews of phentermine. Most of the reviews were alarming recounts of how the drug made these people feel anxious depressed and fly into rages which were not normal for them to do. There was a couple instances where people felt suicidal after taking the drug on a daily basis.

To be fair though there were some reviews where the users had very positive experiences with the drug while losing large amounts of weight and having no side effects. Finally, in this author’s mind, the effects of the drug the negative effects far outweigh the positive effects. This drug does cause acne indirectly but it manifests some darker side effects that could put a person’s life in jeopardy. It is too dangerous to take.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.