Plexus Slim Reviews: Read Our Take on It

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

It seems like an odd request to give a take on the pink drink. But that is what we are here for. We want to give you the latest reviews on the infamous pink drink or its scientific name “Plexus Slim”.A drink that is supposed to give you increased energy and help you lose weight. The movement is picking up steam in the United States and Canada. But the “little pink drink” to lose weight is moving beyond our borders. It’s because it is taking on a worldwide scope. It offers a weight loss benefit and thousands of people have successfully testified to losing weight on the little pink drink.

The History of the Plexus Slim Company

It’s reported that there are currently 60,000 Plexus ambassadors it appears this term is for people who actively sell the drink. The company seems to be a network of ambassadors around the company who sell their drinks from home. The drink originally focused in Louisiana and a few other southern states but has now grown into an international company. The first drink was launched in 2011 and it was a synergistic drink. It was a combination of Plexus Slim and Accelerator. The initial results were impressive and the product has grown in sales dramatically every month since its inception. The company name is:Plexus Worldwide and they are headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Can you really lose weight on Plexus Slim

A large group of users have claimed they lost weight drinking the pink drink. Let’s breakdown the essential ingredients of the plexus slim drink. These are the ingredients that are supposed to stimulate the weight loss. Here are the ingredients: Green Coffee Bean Extract, which according to Dr. Oz, is a genuine catalyst for weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Alpha Lipoic acid. According to some sources the only useful ingredient is the Alpha Lipoic Acid; it’s an antioxidant. The human body naturally makes this antioxidant in every cell which helps turn glucose into energy. So, you would be forced to take extra amounts of this antioxidant since the human body naturally produces it in the first place.

Starting with green coffee bean extract it really doesn’t have any benefits to help lose weight. There is no scientific support that these green beans will help the human body reduce its weight.This statement is according to the author of the following statement. (  Now, for the Garcinia Cambogia Extract which is a citrus fruit found in Southeast Asia. Is just that a fruit and there is always benefits to eating fruit. But can this citrus extract help you lose weight?

Yes, garcinia cambogia extract can help you lose weight in two ways. First, it increases serotonin levels which improves your mood then your drive to eat food in emotional situations decreases. The second way it helps you lose weight is by stopping the fat making process in your body by limiting the enzyme called citrate lyase that the body needs to make fat from carbohydrates. So, in these two ways it helps you lose weight.

The Plexus company says its powder drink contains natural ingredients (we mentioned the three essential ones above) which will control cravings, decrease appetite, increase metabolism and speed up fat burning. All this plus you don’t have to exercise to lose weight using their product.

Actual Customer Feedback

Plexus Slim Reviews

1) One customer noted that they tried the product for two months and saw no change in their weight. The only thing they said was they were losing money but not any weight.  

2) Another customer related they lost some weight in the very beginning but as time went on the results tapered off and they stopped losing weight.

3) Another customer had a friend (who was an ambassador) who recommended the product to her. She tried it but it absolutely didn’t work for her. She said the weight loss claim was rubbish.

4) This reviewer was a little upset about her experience with Plexus slim. She started out with the drink with no results. Then she added accelerator (another product Plexus) bio cleanse and pro bio. She spent between $150-$170 per month. She was on the products for months and she didn’t lose any weight. She finally quit the program.

5) This person had a successful experience with the product but they also mixed a healthy lifestyle with it. They lost 7lbs. In two weeks. The customer worked out a bit but not much. They reminded people that you cannot increase the calorie intake and expect to lose weight with the product. They weren’t hungry all day which cut down on their snacking throughout the day.  

6) The consumer spent $197.00 on the recommended products. The shipment came and the customer checked the ingredients and found them to be harmful. They sent the products back expecting a full refund. The company kept ou $52.00 for shipping and sent her the balance of the payment she originally sent.    

7) This reviewer just recommended not using the product and just exercise and diet. They feel it will be the only way to lose weight.

8) The product was used for 30 days and no weight loss observed. She said she would try it for another 30 days adding Pro Bio, Bio Cleanse and Boost into the mix. To see if any change in weight will happen. The customer exercised daily and they didn’t change their diet while using the Plexus Slim for the 30 days there was no change in weight.   

9) This consumer ordered a 30 day supply of the product and she experienced no weight loss. The company told her to order a 60 day supply still no weight loss. They said she needed to order the accelerator product but she said no way. She concluded it was a scam and won’t be using the product again. Another user claimed it controlled his blood sugar levels.  She wanted to lose weight not control her blood sugar levels.The customer who tried it for two months; said she knew of an ambassador who was 70 lbs. Overweight when she started using and selling the product. She has done this for one year and she was still 70lbs overweight.

10) This review is a polar opposite of most of the above reviews. The consumer said she

used the product for 5 months. Her heartburn disappeared, they took inches off their waist and  they no longer have sleepless nights. So, they lost weight and experienced few extra benefits.

At this point in the review plexus slim doesn’t seem to support their claims that their product can help you with weight loss. Out of the 10 above reviews only 2 out of 10 said it helped with their weight problem and the 70% said it didn’t work for them. One other didn’t even use the product so really their review will not be counted. It doesn’t look like plexus slim can help people with weight loss. So far there is really no evidence to support the assertion that the product will help you lose water. More reviews below. One thing needs to be pointed out everyone’s body reacts different to outside stimulus so the product may work on some while not woking on others.

11) This review shows delayed gratification. The consumer bought the product a year earlier ( the time of (this review was in 2015) and tried it for a month with no success. She tried the slim, bio cleanse and pro bio. She experienced headaches and the product didn’t curb her appetite. She gained 5 pounds. She told the rep about her experiences. Te rep encouraged her to keep trying it. She did and experienced some pretty solid changes. She lost 5 sizes in three months and this time it curbed her appetite and she received energy out of nowhere. She also suffered from major anxiety and head cloudiness. The product stopped the cloudiness and now she can think clearly. She still has anxiety but it has decreased as well. She used to get a cluster of pimples on her face. This product cleared up her face and now she may get one or two pimples.She had a bald spot on her head but the hair is filling back in.

Another observation is what happens when these consumers who have had success stop using the product? Will the gains be lost? This is another point to ponder.

12) This review is a real slam of the product, The woman tried the product for 4 months. The only changes she noticed wre she was headaches and diarrhea. Her last doctor’s appointment revealed she had higher blood pressure. Previously, she had kept her blood pressure under control for two years. The doctor advised she stop taking the product which she did. She didn’t lose any weight and she felt worse after taking the product.

13) This person writes that they had a gastric bypass 1years ago. She lost 140 lbs over a 2-3 year period. She regained 50 pounds and she was feeling uncomfortable. Her blood pressure hadn’t gone up significantly but she suffered from heart palpitations. The doctor renewed her BP meds and she started taking them again. Then through a friend she learned this friend had female problems. This friend used Plexus, Tri-Plex and it cured the female problems. This lady had heard other people having success with the product.

She decided to investigate the products. She says she isn’t an expert in the health field, but she learned a lot about  nutrition and supplements from her mother. She isn’t a newbie to nutrition and supplements. She had been taking several OTC supplements and she was able  to get some Tri-Plex from a friend.(Slim, Accelerator and ProBio5.) She sipped on the Slim throughout the morning but she experienced some headaches. This making her skeptical about the product.

She read more about the product and conversed with a friend. She tried the slim again this time with warm water and she drank it down in 20 minutes. (because of the gastric bypass she cannot hold a lot in her stomach) The headaches disappeared and she immediately ate her protein egg for breakfast. Her energy increased significantly as she was able to stay active until later in the evening. She is 66 years-old and claims she hasn’t had this much energy since she was a teenager.(she drinks her slim every morning between 4:30a.m to five a.m.

She started losing inches but hasn’t gone back to the MD about the weight loss. Before she started taking the samples she brought the empty bottles to her doctor for advice. He didn’t confirm that they would work but he gave her permission to try them. The doctor and his wife had researched the products and they were familiar with them. They weren’t currently using them at the time.

She has been taking the product for over two months and is very pleased with the results. She discovered another friend had been taking the Tri-Plex for a month because of diabetes. This friend wanted to lower meds and get healthier. The friend reported the product lowered her bp and she lost weight. Now, this lady recommends you drink one slim a day with a lot of water to rid your body of toxins. She swears by the product even though it is expensive. But to her the benefits of the product outweigh the high cost. She cannot do without it now. Again, the only concern is what happens if she stops taking the product.

Plexus Slim

14) This customer did have positive results with the product but it was too expensive and she stopped using it. After she stopped using it she experienced a horrific week long withdrawal. Her assessment is a product giving her such bad withdrawal symptoms cannot be healthy to take. Needless, to say she was disgusted with the product. This bad withdrawal does it show the body becomes too dependent on this product? This could be dangerous in the long wrong.

15) This has to be one of the worst reviews on the product. This person used the pink drink, accelerator, and bio cleanse. The results were not good. She became sick, got headaches and her legs swelled and ached. She called the ambassador rep, who suggested she keep trying the product. She tried it for two more days and felt worse. That was it for her!

This is an Ambassador Review

16) The man said that the claims ambassadors made about the product weren’t outrageous. The ambassadors were customers first who were desperate for their health to improve. They tried the product and it worked for them. They started sharing their improvements from the product with others. This man falls into that category.

He claims that it doesn’t help you lose weight right away because it isn’t designed to work that way. But eventually it will help the body lose weight. According to him, noticeable health improvements occur when there is blood sugar balance, gut improvement balance and inflammation is stopped. If you have these three combinations working inside your body then your health will improve.

He says that the proof is with 300,000 ambassadors who have improved their health using the product. He claims 40% of the customers aren’t ambassadors. So, he says ir isn’t a group of ambassadors trying to sell the product to make money. According to him there is not miraculous diet pill that will help you lose weight overnight. But when people change things from the inside out wonderful things begin to happen.

My only concern with this review is the man is an ambassador and he does represent the company. He also makes money from selling the product. He has to say positive things about the product, His review isn’t valid because he has too many ties with the company. After all, he isn’t going to have an objective perspective on a product he sells.

17)  This person raves about the benefits of the products. She says they are making her feel so much better and healing her from the inside out. She says her inflammation has drastically improved and she is losing pounds and inches. She likes the fact that the ingredients are all natural and not manufactured. She believes all the ingredients going into her body are healthy for her. The products are helping her family keep their  blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check.   


The above reviews are from actual customers who used the products. About  11 of the 17 reviews were negative stating the Plexus Slim product just didn’t work for weight loss. Some of the reviewers tried it for a month or two with no weight loss. It was mentioned that the ambassadors always gave positive reviews of the product. But these reviews aren’t valid because the ambassadors work for the Plexus Worldwide company. They need to sell the products to make profits. They have to give positive feedback about the product which brings skepticism about how effective it really is. What happens when the people who had positive results with the product stop taking it?

Repeatedly, feedback was given saying the company wouldn’t  return phone calls or refund the money customers asked to be returned to them. One person was charged shipping costs for a returned product. The claims of weight loss and other benefits the company says the product will deliver just aren’t there. The conclusion is the product really doesn’t help the majority lose weight. The negative customer feedback was almost double of what the positive customer feedback was. Generally, when there are far more negative reviews than there are positive reviews the product proves to be ineffective. Plexus Slim is an ineffective weight loss product.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.