Shakeology Reviews – Yay or Nay for These Protein Shakes

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2018)

Some say Nay to the Shakeology drinks

The debate of the century rages about the new hit protein shake-”shakeology”. Or is it a hit? Does it really fulfill all it claims to? Is it a scam or a legitimate powerhouse drink? The price is high or is it? Does it really curb your appetite and is it a filling replacement for real food? Those who hate it really don’t like it. They say the price is too high and the drinks encourage obesity; the taste is terrible and there are too many calories containing sugar in each serving. The sugar combination of stevia and Non-GMO fructose are dangerous. The fructose is supposedly not genetically altered even so it still is reported to increase hunger and encourage obesity. This is totally contrary to what the  drink  manufacturer says.

The price for one 30 serving bag is priced at a whopping $129.95 which equates to $4.33 a shake a day. The company says the price is justified because it contains 4 cups of broccoli, 7 whole carrots, 10 cups of cauliflower, 3 raw onions, and 1 cup of peas. There is 135% of vitamin C in one cup of broccoli, so there should be 500% of vitamin C in their drink. But in reality there is only 300% of vitamin C in the drink. That 300% cmes from ascorbic acid a vitamin C supplement, This isn’t really even vitamin C.  Why the discrepancy? Plus, all the above vegetables they say are in the drink are not found in the ingredients.

This review also stated that only five doctors recommended this shake as beneficial. The only catch is one is an anesthesiologist, another one is a Otolaryngologist, another is a Plastic Surgeon, another is a General Practitioner.The last doctor is one who specializes in growth hormone replacement. He also practices Integrity Medicine which has come under criticism for a methodology that uses unproven alternative medicine practices with traditional medicine practices. So, what we are saying here is the doctors are experts in fields totally unrelated to dieting and nutrition. They are supporting the drink when they aren’t knowledgeable in the disciplines they say the drink is beneficial for. Their opinions are not reliable.    

The main issues from this review reflect the product is way overpriced, company’s customer service is so poor some view the company as a scam. And there is harmful sugar in it and the protein quality is questionable. This wasn’t a favorable review. Some reported diarrhea as a side effect of this  protein shake.

Five Negative Points of Shakeology

As the review title above says this review will highlight five negative attributes of shakeology. This particular review summarized the five most common complaints about this protein drink. People are used to paying $20-$40.00 dollars for a protein shake or a meal replacement shake. Even though it has enough protein to be a protein shake and it’s as filling as a meal replacement drink. Shakeology is neither one of these. Like we stated $129.95  is the price for a 30 day supply which is way out of the range people are used to paying for this class of drink.  

It isn’t chemically produced like most shakes on the market but it’s made from wholly produced food products from the around the world. It contains nutrient groups you wouldn’t find in the typical meal replacement drink:

  • Essential Amino Acids and Proteins
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes
  • Phytonutrients
  • Antioxidants
  • Adaptogens
  • Vitamins and Minerals

Another common complaint is the shakes make you feel gassy at first. So, the company suggests you cut the amount down by half. Once you are used to it then you can use the full measure. This was a common complaint (as we stated above) the shakes gave people too much gas. The reviewer actually said he was gassy  but didn’t have an upset stomach. Still, maybe it only lasts a period of time but still it shouldn’t be a side effect at all.

This complaint comes back loud and clear that the shakeology drinks taste terrible  because they are made of all natural ingredients or whole food ingredients. One comment said the cheaper shake drinks tasted better than shakeology drinks. The company could make the drinks out of artificial sweeteners and flavors. Then it would taste very good but they don’t. For a drink that is supposed to replace your meals it should taste better. There is no clinical research to support these facts. It’s currently undergoing clinical tests.

It’s claimed that shakeology isn’t filling that it doesn’t leave you filled for very long (if at all.) The reviewer said he had to add peanut butter and almond butter or other healthy ingredients to the mix to make his stomach feel full. At these prices it should be filling as soon as it’s digested.

Shakeology is a Scam

This review implied that the shakeology drinks are a scam. The claims the drink company made about their drinks such as: They said to drink the shakes everyday because they helps you lose weight, reduce food junk cravings, and they help digestion and regularity. It increases your energy levels and it helps to build and repair muscles. It’s claimed to support healthy blood sugar levels (as measured by HbA1C), HbA1C is molecule made of glucose sticking to haemoglobin to make  glycosylated haemoglobin molecule or A1C or HbA1C, and it supports healthy skin, hair and nails.

The review further states that people get falsely excited about these claims. This wonder drink will offer all these benefits for anyone who drinks them. But, according to the review, people  don’t read the very fine print. The fine print says these claims haven’t been evaluated by the Drug and Food administration and that the product isn’t intended to diagnose, treat , cure, or prevent any disease. This contradicts the implication that the product will support healthy blood sugar levels.Which should keep diabetes under control or reduce the risk of getting diabetes. The review concludes that the paragraph long list of ingredients are present in small quantities and are just powered vestiges of the ingredients listed. Basically, there is no current scientific evidence to support these claims.

Another Negative Review For Shakeology

Here again, the first complaint is the product is overpriced. For $129.95 you only get 30 servings. The research editor stated that if you consume two shakes a day you only get a 15 day supply. One comment in the review said cheaper drinks have more protein, less sugar and more necessary ingredients like glutamine and BCAA’s. Other commenters said the strawberry and chocolate tasted absolutely awful. Another dieter stated there was nothing special about the ingredients in the shake.

The review was concerned about no scientific research to support the claims the manufacturer made about the products. Also, it was stated when a product is tied down with a lot of negative reviews the chances of its long term success are very limiting. Also, on the official shakeology website there was no scientific-supported research to say the shake’s ingredients supported weight loss.

The Other Direction   

Protein Shakes

This is the section where we talk about the positive reviews of shakeology. In all fairness we must state positive reviews of the product as well. In this way, you can have both sides of the spectrum before choosing whether you think shakeology is worth $130.00 a month or not. We want to give objective perspectives of the pros and cons of this product.

This review started out by saying that the shake was expensive but it was worth the price (if you can afford it) because of all the nutrients that were packed into the drink. The review stated there was a lot of unnecessary ingredients in the drink but they were healthy nonetheless. The variety of flavors the company offered was impressive to the reviewer as well. The chocolate flavor was palatable. (Again, overtones of a bad taste) The filling factor was rated very high because the review stated the shake was very thick and kept the user full for a couple of hours. The review suggested you water the shake down with some type of liquid because the shake is very thick. So they rated this shake very high at 9.0 for hunger blockers. In other words, this shake will satisfy your appetite for a couple of hours.

Wow! The nutrient rating came in at 9.8 almost a 10. The drink is supercharged with nutrients and it has a mountain of essential vitamins and minerals. The shake meets more than 50% of the recommended daily allowance in both categories this is exceptionally high. The chocolate shake had 160 calories and a bunch of non-essential nutrients like barley grass, wheatgrass, and other fibers. It offers a ton of other “holistic” nutrients to keep the energy level flowing. The users said they had plenty of energy to keep them going all day. This was after they consumed one shake.      

This was surprising (other reviews said the taste was very poor) but this review gave shakeology a 8.8 rating for taste. The green berry flavor was terrible it left a grassy taste in the mouth. The staffers absolutely had disgusted looks on their faces after tasting the green berry so it was a total flop. The chocolate tasted better but not as good as some other brands. These were the only two flavors reviewed.They seemed to think the price was too high because of all the unnecessary ingredients added to the shake.Overall these reviewers gave the shakeology drink a 8.9 rating and it as listed as their second favorite of their top five favorites.

More Good News

This site listed 795 reviews and 721 of the reviewers would recommend this product to the public. Which is a pretty good overall percentage. One review stated it was too expensive but it was very filling and kept the person energized all day. The consumer added peppermint extract to the chocolate and said it tasted heavenly. They said it was very effective, had a great taste and was  convenient to drink and prepare anywhere.

This review said the taste possibilities were endless when you added different ingredients to the existing flavors. The shakes filled the consumer up and he liked the nutrients he was ingesting into his body. He thought it was too expensive. He said it was very nutritious. Another reviewer said the taste was ok and the product did everything it said it would do. The person would recommend the product to anyone. The reviewer said it was the best shake product they ever tried. The only downside the price.  

This reviewer stated he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 2 years and five months earlier (the review was written in July,2013) and the health care professional said he needed to make some drastic changes to his diet. He started drinking shakeology drinks. And  he noticed his resting sugars dropped dramatically by 10 points. He kept drinking the shakeology drinks  and went to the doctor for a second diabetes checkup. He had a low range of 6, which was a big improvement from the 7.2 range he had a year earlier.

The doctor asked what the patient was doing. He said he was drinking shakeology and the doctor had it tested. The results of the test were not stated. Butt the doctor said the patient’s reduced diet plus drinking shakeology were working very well. Six months later, the patient went in for another checkup and his resting sugars were at 5.4. The normal range for non-diabetics. The patient has cut his medication by half and walks 2 miles a day and he said felt great. No negative comments were made about the product.    

This reviewer loved the taste of the shake and craved it for breakfast. She thought the product was dynamite. The pros were great taste, convenient and very effective. It sounded like the product was very filling for the consumer. A 49 year old female was a heavy pepsi drinker. She started drink these shakes and lost 9 lbs. She lost her craving for pepsi and junk food in general. She gets ill thinking about eating a greasy hamburger now. She hasn’t felt this good in years and she is floored by the shakeology product,. She recommends it without hesitation

This consumer tried the chocolate flavor and lost six pounds in 1 month. She absolutely loves the chocolate flavor and adores the green berry. She said the green berry taste has improved. She cannot ay enough about how good the shakes taste. Another reviewer stated she and her husband have lost weight using this product. She claims the product has cleared up digestive issues for her. She was very happy with the product. She feels great when using the shake product.

This consumer loves the taste of the shake and had been using it for 3 days. The person absolutely loves the chocolate flavor and craves it all day. They say their energy level has shot up. They skipped their morning snack one day. They forgot their lunch but the shake gave the consumer enough energy to plow right through a very bus workday. This particular consumer added a little bit of milk to the chocolate shake and said it tasted like chocolate batter. Absolutely loves the taste. They think the product is very effective. The thought was the product was better as a supplement than a full blown meal replacement drink.

This consumer claimed they lost 7lbs. In one week using the shake product. They said it was more effective when taken with fruit. Sounds like this person really likes the product and is benefitting greatly from consuming it.

The Final Thoughts

We have discussed the pros and cons of shakeology protein drinks from different reviews. The consistent negative thread seems to be the price is way too high and the shakes taste terrible. There are a lot of nutrients packed into the product but they are not essential nutrients for the body to consume.

The cost of the product is $130.00 a month which is a lot higher than other shake products will sell for. The product is full of healthy ingredients which the manufacturer says is why the product is so expensive. A lot of the reviewers stated that while the product was very effective it was just too expensive to be able to continue to purchase it. People claimed it helped their energy levels and caused them to lose significant weight. One reviewer stated it helped to get his resting sugars for diabetes into the normal range. The positive thread was the product kept people full for hours and the their energy levels heightened.

The negative aspects were the product has no scientific support for the claims they make on the product. This is a big red flag because having scientific research to validate a product goes a long way in establishing its validity as a health product. There were a lot of complaints about the price and the taste. In my opinion the cost does not justify the supposed benefits the manufacturer claims the product will provide.  

There were a few favorable reviews that said the product did exactly as it claimed it would do. But it seems like the negatives outweighed the positives. The drink has a terrible taste and compared to other health products is way too expensive. The product has no validity in stating the benefits it brings to anyone who consumes the product. For these reasons I have to give the shakeology protein shake a definite thumbs down.

Written by Irina Radosevic MD
Irina graduated from the University of Belgrade, School of Medicine as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and spent over 3 years working in the Clinical Hospital Center Zvezdara, in the Department of Emergency Medicine. She also undertook a postgraduate in Cardiology from the same University and had previously worked for over a year as a Physician and Nutritionist Dietitian for the Fitness club Green Zone. She eventually left her chaotic but fulfilling job in the ER to pursue her passion of writing, travelling and mountain climbing which has included writing a first aid course for the alpine club of Belgrade. Irina currently works as a VA for PintMedia focusing on medical and travel writing. Feel free to connect with Irina on LinkedIn and FaceBook. Her CV can be seen here.