The Best Mattifier for Oily Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

The best mattifier for oily skin. This is especially critical for sensitive, oily skin that it has a matte finish. Some people who have oily skin do not want to have a shiny finish to their skin. If this happens it just makes the skin look even oilier. The last thing most people with oily skin want is for their skin to look even oilier than it should. This is why they search for the ideal mattifier that will give them a nice dull matte finish. This type of finish will really cut down the oily look. Their face will not have that oily shine for everyone to notice. We can look together at what some of the better mattifiers for oily skin are.

Oil Control Mattifying Face Moisturizer & Primer for Oily Skin

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Oil Control Mattifying Face Moisturizer & Primer for Oily Skin

Benefits and Uses: It is supposed to keep the skin’s pH at normal levels.This will, in turn, kill acne-causing bacteria from proliferating on skin that has too high of a pH level. It contains all natural ingredients to meet all of your skin beauty needs. The company offers a risk-free 60-day money back guarantee on the product.

Feedback: The customer really likes the product and has seen a big improvement in her skin after using it for two weeks. Her skin not as oily as it was and it looks very clear. Her skin stays oil-free for half a day which is major progress for her skin. He says as she uses it more her skin is staying oil free for a longer period of time. She uses the oil blotter less and less. She gave it 4-stars because her skin has become flaky and dry. She does not blame the product per se because she thinks it is just because she has switched to a new product. She updated her review and she says the dryness and flakiness have disappeared from her skin. She upgraded her rating from 4-stars to 5-stars.

The customer has combination skin and she was using products that were drying out her skin. She was afraid this product would do the same thing. She was pleasantly surprised to find that this product did not dry out her skin. It does not make her skin really oily either. The smell is very potent but it quickly dissipated after it is applied and it has worked very well for her. She says when it dries it feels very nice on her skin. She likes that it is made with natural ingredients and she feels very good about putting this product on her face. She uses this product with three other products in the product line. It works very well for her oily skin. She says for use on oily skin this product is unbeatable.

She is so happy with this product because she does have very oily skin. It goes under the makeup and it stays in place for hours. IN the past her skin would become oily in an hour or two with the makeup on. She did not say so but it probably made a mess with the make-up applied on the face. This product prevents her face from becoming oily after an hour or two. The scent is pleasant and she is pleased with the product. It applies very easily to her face and it does not sting, irritate or make her face red.

The customer says the product is tops at controlling oil. There are other products out there that are as good as this oil but this oil is really good for controlling facial oil.You will not go wrong using the product. She suggests anyone with pimples use this product. It will control the oil and leave the skin with a matte finish. He hardly recommends the product. This customer has tried many products and none of them worked. long comes this product and it is working very well for her.She will continue to use the product.

This woman has very oily skin and when she went to bed and woke up in the morning the oil on her skin was excessive. Since using this product her skin is not oily anymore.She says the product really works. Many moisturizers say they are oil-free and they really are not. This one is the real deal and has minimized the customer’s oily skin way down. A new product is coming out and she can’t wait to try it. This person says the product did not work for her at all. Her t-zone gets very oily during the day and shiny.She tried this product and her skin was still oily and shiny. It almost sounded like the product made her skin even more oily and shiny.

This is a painful review. The person tried it once and it burned her skin. She says it should have read the ingredients/instructions. If a product is burning a person’s skin it is unsafe to apply to the face. The company really needs to take a hard look at what ingredients they are putting in the product. It is helping a lot of people but it burned this person’s skin. This should not be happening. This is a dangerous product for people to be putting on their faces. No ingredients in any beauty product should cause burns on a person’s skin. Her skin was burned only after one use.

Dermesence Perfection Cream Pore Purifying Oil Control Mattifier

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Dermesence Perfection Cream Pore Purifying Oil Control Mattifier

Benefits and Uses: The product has more than one function because it will reduce oily-looking skin and make it look fresh and vibrant. It also is a primer for makeup. The formula is easy to apply and spreads on the skin smoothly and evenly. This prevents smudging and smearing of the product on your skin. The company says they use only the best natural and organic ingredients in their products. Hopefully, none of the ingredients will burn the skin. These are some bold claims but the company says their powerful formula reduces and protects the oily skin. It can also repair damaged dry skin. The ingredients act as natural astringents and moisturizers to deeply clean and unclog pores. It rejuvenates the skin and reduces the redness on the skin because of the antioxidants in the formula. The product is dermatologist-tested and the company does not use any chemicals in the ingredients that would irritate the skin. The product gives your face a pleasant matte-finish. The company says that your satisfaction is important to them that they will give 120 days to return the product and get a full refund back. This is a decent money back guarantee.

Feedback: This is a confusing review because the client gave it 4-stars which would make one think she really liked the product. She says she has very oily skin and the oil would really accumulate on her skin by lunchtime. The product tightens her pores but she does not see any refinement in them after using the product for a month. This does not make sense because if her pores are tightening as she says she can feel that the product is doing this to the pores. Then a change should be observed in the size of her pores and they should be more refined. She bought it (and paid a goldmine for the product) in hopes of it reducing the oil in her skin. This is the main reason why she bought the product. Not only did the product not help to reduce the oil on her skin but it made it worse.

She said one hour later she would be shining like the noon sun. She says the reason she bought the product was for oil control and it failed miserably in that department. She says she likes the product but will not buy it again. She would recommend it to others depending on their needs. If she will not buy the product again I cannot understand why she would recommend it to others for any reason. Also, if it did not control her skin’s oil and it did nothing for her why did she give it a 4-star rating. From my perspective, the product failed her on all fronts and it would not be worth a 4-star rating nor would there be anything to like about the product.

This customer really seems to be benefitting from the product. Her nose gets excessively oily and shiny. She has extreme oil control issues with her skin overall. By midday, the makeup is gone and her face is oily and shiny. She tried all types of products to try and control the oil issue. Nothing worked until she used this product. She says with this product her makeup stays on for 12 hours and the oil does not come through the makeup. Her face does not shine either. The makeup even stays on her nose. Any contact with the skin, before she used this product, would result in patchy spots but not anymore. This product is really working for her.

The woman lives in Florida and she already has oily skin. The Florida summers make the skin even more oily. She started using this product and it is keeping the oil under control even in the humid and hot Florida weather. She says the ingredients are all natural which she likes. She also says the product does exactly what is said it would do. She usually forgets to put the product on at night. She does use it in the morning over moisturizer and under her makeup practically every day. When she gets in a rush in the morning and she forgets to put the product on she can tell the difference when she looks in the mirror around midday. Then she has to blot her skin all the time because the oil is excessive on her skin. If she uses this product it does make a difference with oil control. She only has to blot her skin sometimes so this product is controlling some of the oil production in her skin. This is the best oil control product she has ever used and this is why she gave it a 5-star rating.

This customer says she is using an all-natural product for the first time. It has cut down the oil production in her skin but it does not last all day.She has to reapply some more on her face. She has found different beauty combinations to help her have all day oil production protection. A little product will go a long way for her. The container is small and there is not a lot of product in the bottle. It fits nicely in her purse where it lives.

She uses the product all the time. She is happy she purchased the product. The customer was given this product to use. She has acne breakouts during her menstrual cycles. She used this product day and night and the pimples disappeared or as she put it the pimples were reabsorbed into her skin. They did not clog her pores or leave any marks on her face. This is pretty amazing the pimples left so quickly and left no traces on her face.

Murad Oil-control Mattifier SPF 15 Pa++ – 1.7 Oz

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Murad Oil-control Mattifier

Benefits and Uses: The company suggests you apply it generously to the face, neck, and chest. Applying it to the chest sounds rather strange. Why in the world would you apply it to your chest for? The formula is so concentrated the best way to apply is to press it and then pat it into the skin which sounds rather bizarre. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure.

This is sounding more like a sunscreen than a mattifying product. No wonder it has a very low SPF rating of 15. Apply every two hours to maintain protection on your skin. They say before applying to children under six months old you should consult your pediatrician. As far as I am concerned no child should have sunscreen put on them at the tender age of under 6 months. They should not be out in the sun period at that young age.

Feedback: This customer has very oily skin and he has tried a lot of oil production control products and they did not work for him. This one really did not work for him either. He said when you first put it on it leaves a white, chalky film on the skin. If you massage it in it will absorb into the skin removing the white film. It lasts for about one hour on his skin and his oil comes right back. He said it really doesn’t work. (For only about one hour) In all fairness, to the product, it may work very well for other people. His skin is just too oily for it to work for more than one hour.

“Mirenesse Cosmetics” Invisible Fill Line Filling Mattifier Make-Up Primer Mini 10g/35oz

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Invisible Fill Line Filling Mattifier


Benefits and Uses: You can expect poreless, lineless, and perfect airbrushed skin. I really doubt you will have “perfect” airbrushed skin after using this product. It modifies imperfections by making their appearance fuzzy and very hard to see. But the whole point of a mattifier is to totally conceal imperfections so they cannot be seen at all. It creates a hidden barrier on the skin that keeps treatment product sealed into the skin and harmful environmental elements out of the skin. This sounds really strange this whole product description.

Feedback: She likes the product because it applies smoothly to the skin and brightens up her tired-looking eyes. It has no scent which she prefers that her mattifier has no scent. This is a very ambiguous review because all the customer says is that “it is best to use with makeup”. Well, why should you only use it with makeup? Doesn’t it work if you apply it to your face without makeup? No helpful information is given in this very brief and general review.

SHANY Oil Control Mattifier

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SHANY Oil Control Mattifier

Benefits and Uses: A little bit of this product will go a long way. It is non-greasy and will keep the skin moisturized all day long. Animals do not get to use it because they do not put makeup on or do they need to have a matte finish on their faces. The product is made on American native soil.

Feedback: This person has oily skin all the time. The person has tried many other products and they did not work. This product goes under the liquid makeup this customer uses. It keeps the very oily skin under control for a long time.


We have listed and reviewed some top mattifying products for that tough oily skin. Please sit back relax and enjoy reading the article. It is the author’s hope that you will find enjoyment reading the article. The products are made from a wide range of ingredients and most of the products are made from all natural products. Some of the reviews spoke highly of the products reviewed. They seemed to work very well for some of the customers and in a few rare cases, they worked very poorly for other customers. There was one alarming review where the client said they used the product once and it burned their skin. No product should burn a person’s skin this is very unsafe and unhealthy for the person’s skin.


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