The Best Stretch Mark Cream

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

The stretch marks can develop so significantly during pregnancy. Sometimes when we get older they can rear their ugly heads in places we don’t want them to be on our bodies. Is the question are the stretch marks going to be there forever? we can get rid of them how long will it take? These may be the kinds of questions people with stretch marks may struggle with You are not alone and there is help. You will not have to feel embarrassed walking on the beach or into public pool areas anymore. Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched too far in a short period of time. The collagen in the skin is flexible but when it is stretched too far too fast it becomes damaged. The results are scars called stretch marks. Let’s take a look at some of the help that is available to get rid of stretch marks.

StriVectin SD Advanced Intensive

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StriVectin SD Advanced Intensive

Benefits and Uses: The product captures the latest collagen technology to give the product the latest advancements in skin care. The product is also even more effective in fighting aging signs in the skin. The product is supposed to be an advanced formula. The product did not offer much of a benefits description. Is this suspect?

Feedback: This could be a problem they are suggesting you use other products in addition to this one to get rid of stretch marks. This means you will have to spend more money on products to get rid of your stretch marks. It may suggest this product is not strong enough by itself to get rid of stretch marks. You wonder if this first review was a paid one or not.

The customer says it is pricey. No, this is ridiculous to be charging/paying this much money for so little product. He claims it has taken ten years off his face and when he tells people his age they do not believe him. It has erased all the fine lines around his eyes, mouth, and nose. He has been using it for two years (at the time of the review being written) and he implies it is a wonderful product. The product may be working very well for him but it is way overpriced. No matter how good this product works it is not worth price for one two-ounce tube.

Another client says they have been using the product and they always receive compliments on their skin. They do not say what the compliments are nor do they say why the product is helping their skin so much. Ambiguous reviews like this really do not carry a lot of weight because they do not give us any insight on the benefits of the product. A lot more people could be influenced by this review if it was written in a way that told people the reasons why the product worked so well for the consumer. At this point, the review really is not helpful.

Here is another generic review. The consumer writes a fabulous product and it is worth the high price. Why is it a fabulous product? Did it get rid of the stretch marks for the consumer? Did it reduce fine lines that were previously noticeable on the consumer’s face? We just do not know why the product is worth the high price and why it worked so well for the client. The review would not help to sell this product because it gives no extensive details about how the product worked for the client.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, this review said the product did not work for the client. They say it depends on the body. Why does it depend on the body? How come it did not work for the client? People could be reading this review and suffer from the same conditions that this person suffers from. The product may not work for these people either but how would they know if the client does not say why it didn’t work for them. Another person may spend $79.00 on a tube and try the product. What if the product does not work for the customer? The person just wasted $79.00 on the product. This could have been avoided if the customer writing this review wrote a more detailed explanation as to why the product did not work for them.

The points trying to be made here are these. People need to write detailed reviews as to why the product worked for them or did not work for them. Someone reading the reviews may really be suffering from a skin condition they need immediate help for. If hey can read a detailed review they may be able to buy the product and have it treat their skin condition. The detailed review may cover the very issue the person is struggling with. Conversely, if a person writes a detailed review as to why they did not like the product or why the product did not work for them. A client reading the review may find that the product will not work for them either. The person could save some money by not buying the product. In this case that would be a $79.00 saving.

Two customers said they have been using the product for a while and they have seen no improvement in their skin condition. They are thinking it may be too early for any results to be seen. Or it could be the product just is not working for them. Each person is different and a product may work wonderfully for one person and it will have no benefit for the next person using the exact same product. Another client says they have been using the product for a few weeks and they have not seen any big changes in the skin. But a couple of the frown lines have added. So, the product is working for them.

This customer says they do not expect miracles from the cream because the lines around the mouth are still dominant. It is a nice cream and it feels good on the skin. The consumer likes the smell of the product which smells a little like mint. It works better than other creams they have used. They don’t have to use a night cream anymore. The container has a lot of product for the price. Other products they use came in smaller containers. The consumer is 67-years-old and says they have smooth skin anyway. They thank their genes for the nice-looking skin. If they can maintain their skin in its current condition they will be happy.

Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream

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Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream

Benefits and Uses: It is a butter that is rich in texture. Rub it into the affected areas twice a day. It will help to treat skin marks in a short time. It is loaded with ingredients that will give you healthier looking skin and will reduce visible stretch marks. It is free of any scent other than its natural scent. You will be able to smell the cocoa and shea butter. The product is never tested on animals and it is free of any harmful chemicals. All the ingredients are natural. If you need help call the company and they will be glad to help you.

Feedback: This review was written in 2015. The article was written in 2018. The customer loves the product. They are training for a bikini competition and they have had 2 kids. The product is reducing the stretch marks around the midsection. The customer says the review was not paid to write the review.

The customer wrote this as a critical review but it really was not a critical review. They are now 25 and in puberty, they developed stretch marks on certain parts of their body. They have been using the cream every day for about a month. They are almost out of cream but they have observed a slight fading of their stretch marks. They are running out of cream and they plan on buying more of the product. They have hopes that over time the product will completely fade the stretch marks. They think it will take some time to get rid of the stretch marks since they have had the stretch marks fora long time.

This client never got to use the product. They have used other products that have reduced their stretch marks but this product never got the chance to work. She opened the jar and she could not stand the smell of the product. She said the smell was awful and she just could not stomach it. She will not be buying the product anymore. Another client absolutely was thrilled with the smell of the product. You just never know how someone will react to a scent of a product. One will love the smell the other one will hate the smell of the product.

Mommy Knows Best Stretch Mark Removal Vanishing Cream

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Mommy Knows Best Stretch Mark Removal Vanishing Cream

Benefits and Uses: It will fade stretch marks and scars he company almost guarantees it. It has a powerful blend of proven ingredients in the formula of the product. The company says the product is the best on the market for fading stretch marks. The company will refund your money back if you are not absolutely thrilled with the product. The product is never tested on animals or in other words it is cruelty-free.

Feedback: The customer received stretch marks from her pregnancy. After the baby was born she definitely had deep dark red stretch marks. She was going to wait to post a review while she tested the product. She used it for less than a month and she has seen a significant decrease in her stretch marks. She loves the product. Another unhappy customer had a completely different reaction to the product. It seems like it depends on how your skin will react to the product that determines if it will work for your particular skin type or not.

This is a happy review from a male customer. Around 7th grade, he developed stretch marks on his body. He never paid any attention to them thinking they would eventually go away. They did not go away so he went to three doctors and they told him the same thing. You have stretch marks and there is nothing we can do about them.

They gave him a lot of hope saying they may fade when you get older. He was desperate so he tried this product. It has worked wonderfully for him and the stretch marks are fading. He says it is easy to get burned out applying too much of this product to the stretch marks. He applies it once a day and a little bit throughout the day. He can now take his shirt off when he goes swimming. He has never been able to do this before. He reports the product has changed his life. It is sad commentary when doctors tell you they can do nothing for you and they don’t offer any suggestions on how to get rid of the stretch marks.

Anti Stretch Mark, Scars and Prevention Cream-Decrease Stretch Marks

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Anti Stretch Mark, Scars and Prevention Cream-Decrease Stretch Marks

Benefits and Uses: The company says 93% of their customers have decreased the stretch marks after using the product for 2 months. This may not be true there are no solid numbers to support this claim. The product contains an ingredient that helped a lot of pregnant women to avoid developing stretch marks when they rubbed the ingredient extract on their skin. This was experienced by the subjects who were involved in the clinical studies.

Feedback: The husband said the wife has been using the product for 6 months and he has not seen any stretch marks. It is not known if the wife was pregnant or not. The wife is definitely pregnant there was an image of her. This mother of three has used the product for one week. She has noticed a considerable improvement in her stretch marks in that short period of time. She says she has nasty stretch marks from giving birth to 3 children. Another mother who just had a baby used the product.

She said she rubbed it on the belly because of the itching not so much for the stretch marks. Other products wouldn’t stop the itching but this one did. This product smells good and doesn’t stain her clothes like other products have. This person has rubbed the product on her belly for three months. She just had a baby and this stuff has done nothing to fade the stretch marks. She says if you do not believe me then ask the stretch marks on her belly.

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Stretch Mark and Scar Removal Cream by DIVA Fit & Sexy

Benefits and Uses: The ingredients in the product soothe irritated skin and produce collagen. I guess this is supposed to fade stretch marks? Used as a herbal remedy to heal skin for years so the company says. The product will increase blood flow to the affected areas and reduce scars and stretch marks. How increased blood flow to the affected areas will soften scars and stretch marks is not known.The product is supposed to tighten loose skin and improve skin flexibility.

Feedback: The customer had a baby. She did nothing about the stretch marks after the first baby. With the twins, they have become worse. She has begun to use this product on the stretch marks and she has seen results almost immediately. The customer complained the product size of the jar was way too small for the money. The customer said nothing about whether it helped with the stretch marks or not.


We have mixed reviews with all the products. But for the most part, it seemed like the products worked for the people who used them. There were no dramatic results of stretch marks disappearing but in most cases, the stretch marks gradually faded over time. The customers were confident all their stretch marks would completely fade. One pregnant woman’s husband reported his wife had used the product for 6 months and she developed no stretch marks. Another client said they had gotten a scar from an accident in the 1980’s. They used the product and now the scar is completely gone. There are products out there that can help to remove your stretch marks even if they are deep ones. One of the products comes in a small container but a little bit will go a long way on the skin.

There were a few products that could be used on all skin types which makes these products very versatile. If you have deep, red stretch marks there are products that can help with these types of stretch marks as well.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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