The Best Toner for Oily Skin

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2018)

What are we looking for in a toner for oily skin? We do not want our faces to become pools of oil, do we? We also do not want our faces to shine like beacons of light either. You know you are walking down the street and someone can see you from 5 miles down the road because your face is shining so brightly from excess oil. Or it is in the middle of the night and you are walking down the mountain and you don’t need a flashlight because your face is shining so brightly it lights the path ahead of you. People can see you coming down from the mountainside and they are in the valley 40 miles away from the mountain. If any of these scenarios apply to you then it is time for you to invest in some serious toner that will cut that radiance down.

Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner (5 Fl. Oz.)

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Benefits and Uses: The product will decrease shine and strip the excess oil away. It will over dry the skin or strip it completely of its natural oils. The product is made of witch hazel which reduces the redness. and leaves the skin renewed. It carries two acids that are multi-functioning and will help to replenish and brighten the skin. They will give a refined look to your skin because they have excellent exfoliating properties. It is made by beauty expert Kate Somerville, who has 25 years of experience in the field. Supposedly, celebrities but her products which could be a major hype to buy the products. If she is such a famous beauty expert than why does her product have only 10 reviews?

Feedback: The customer says they live in a humid climate which means at night sometimes they cannot put anything on their face. They use the product and they always feel like they are “balanced” after using the product. The customer does not explain what they mean by balanced. So this will leave readers out in the cold trying to figure out what the customer means. They do have combination skin. Another customer gets to right to the point. The client says the product is a “rip off” and it is way too expensive. It doesn’t do anything for oily skin.The customer writes there are cheaper products that work better than this one. This is a stinging assessment. The customer is not happy with the product at all. It would be a really big surprise

The customer makes this sound like it is a miracle product. They have spent thousands of dollars n acne treatment to no avail. They have struggled with acne for 30 years but this product changed all of that. It cured the client of acne which is great for the client. Another customer complaining about the price of the product; they say this is one of the company’ cheaper products and it seems to work very well for this client. It is not a good acne toner for the client. They say it is a good toner overall but it doesn’t seem to treat the customer’s acne at all.

One satisfied customer says they have used the toner for a week and it has completely cleared the client’s acne. Another client says it exfoliates very well but they felt no difference otherwise. If the product exfoliates well then it cleared out their dead skin and it made a difference. The skin should have looked rejuvenated and the complexion should have been clearer and smoother. I do not understand why they say it exfoliates well but they said it did not make a difference? This makes no sense at all. If it exfoliates the skin it made a difference.

Another customer says their skin looks beautiful since they started using the product. They gave it a 5-star rating so it must be doing something for the skin. This is a scathing review because the customer says it is just plain water. The customer used t for 6 weeks and the product did nothing for the skin.

The company would not pay for the return shipping of the product and they would not for the return fee or the credit of the original sale of the product. The customer had to pay these costs which the customer should not have to. The company has terrible customer service as a result of making the customer spend all the money to return a watered down product. The customer says the company is a liar and don’t buy the product. The customer also thinks the company wrote all the positive reviews which could very well be true. The company did not treat this customer fairly and I would not buy products from them.

This client says the time they have used the product has been too short and they cannot give a proper review at this time. In a few months, they will have a better handle on the effectiveness of the product. At that time, they will write a review of the product. I am not sure why the client even wrote this review. It was pointless as they had nothing to say at the current time.

OZNaturals Natural Facial Toner

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Benefits and Uses: The product is supposed to work wonders for the skin because of the ingredients in it. It really helps dry skin and it feeds the skin with vital nutrients. The product is supposed to work much better than other products in the same class so the company claims. This is because it is cold compressed and is supposed to supply a more natural formulation for the skin. This has never been heard of before. This may not be factual information. There have been no studies to support this claim. Probably more studies would be in order to validate this assertion or say it is erroneous.

The company will give you a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not like the product. The company claims that beauty bloggers are raving about the product. There is no support for the bloggers raving about the product. This just sounds like a bunch of hype especially from the company who is making these claims.

The customer is 63-years-old and lives in Wisconsin where they have bitter winters.It is important to keep the skin moisturized so it stays hydrated. It is critical in that type of environment. She says this is another great product from the company and she really likes it. She uses it conjunction with a vitamin C serum. The customer calls herself a skin-care junkie. She tried this product and it has kept the face hydrated. It is said if you use this product that use others ones on top of it it will make those products better. She says this is true because the products she applies after this one seem to be better. She has very delicate skin that becomes irritated with chemicals and ingredients the skin is allergic to. She tried this product and she has had no reactions to it. She says she looks better so the product is a success.

The customer says that the product works well for them. They use as a mist and spray it on their face. Other times they will get a cotton swab and apply across their face that way. It prepares all the products she will put on her face after this one. It prepares her skin to absorb the other products. It is restoring her skin to the way it used to be. The ocean minerals in the product are helping her skin as well.

Another customer says she is 39-years-old and the dark lines and wrinkles are multiplying on her face. She says she needs all the help she can get. She says she can take the pump product and cover her whole face with 1 to 2 pumps. She has been using the product for two years. The customer applies the product to her hand she says it applies evenly across her face. After she applies the toner she adds the vitamin C serum to the face. The customer says the company has great customer service and this helps a lot. Also, she has received many compliments on how nice her skin looks.

This 26-year-old male has always used moisturizers on the face. He thought he would give this toner a shot and he has tried it for 2 weeks but it has done nothing for the skin. He says he can see no difference but he is willing to keep trying it to give the product a change. If there is any change he will update the review. This is not a really negative review. It is more of a progress review than a negative review.

The customer used to use it twice a day but has switched to using it at night only. The reason for the change is because right after application it makes the skin splotchy. This should not be happening the toner should not be making his skin splotchy. Another customer says this is not a gentle toner on the skin. They say they have aging skin and this toner goes on more like droplets than a mist. The customer read all these great reviews but the product did not turn out well for them. They are disappointed with the product.

The customer complaints that the nozzle is not a good spraying mechanism. Instead of spraying a mist it is like someone took water and threw it on the face. It is not a pleasant feeling. The sprayer needs to be improved. The customer says the formula is fine and it does not irritate the skin. If a refill bottle of the product was available the customer would buy it and put it in a bottle with a better nozzle. The customer has come up with alternative methods to put the product on the face. The customer says the sprayer is not working properly. It shoots out a spray instead of a light mist. The customer said they put in another bottle that sprays out a light mist. The problem is solved the customer says but the problem is not solved. The company is still making bottles faulty sprayers and several other customers have complained about the sprayer. The customer needs to notify the company of the problem sprayer and so do the other customers who complained about it. The company needs to respond to the complaints and redesign the sprayer on the bottle. Once the company does this then the problem is solved. Customers should not have to switch the product into alternate bottles. They also should not have to hope for a refill bottle that they can pour into a different bottle. The clients are paying for a product that has a sprayer that should be spraying a light mist and this requirement is not being met.They buy the product for the light mist not for a defective sprayer mechanism.

Vitamin C Facial Toner Spray

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Benefits and Uses: The product has effective astringents that tighten the pores and cleanse the skin. This allows for other products to absorb into the skin easily. The astringents also fight aging and it has vitamin C which is essential to the manufacturing of collagen. Collagen production keeps the skin looking young and it keeps it firm. It also has aloe vera which doesn’t clog pores and has some good anti-inflammatory properties. As the skin gets older it becomes more acidic and cleansers and the elements can strip the sebum oil off. This will cause drying, flaking, shrinking, and a lack of flexibility in the skin. The results will be aging, wrinkles and fine lines. The product contains no alcohol which will keep the skin at a balanced pH level. The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee and this product is cruelty-free. The animals were not interested in putting a non-alcoholic toner on their fur they said it would burn the fur and make it very red, sore and irritated. The company says you do not have to return the product if you ask for your money back. Not a bad option.

Feedback: The customer likes the fact that the company does not claim that this is a miracle product. It lists 6 things it will do for the skin. The customer made an itemized list of what the product will do. The customer has been trying the product for 10 days and so far it seems to be working alright for the client. The client says it does shrink the pores, and moisturizes the skin but as far as the anti-aging she says she doesn’t know. It has removed a few blemishes from her face. He says in the future it may reverse the aging of her skin.

The customer says the first batch was good and had a nice smell and definitely helped the skin. The second batch was not as good and smelled off and did not work for the customer. It sounds like the third bottle was a lemon as well and had a bad smell to it. The customer will not take the time to return the product. The customer should return the product to get the money back. Also, to let the company know they need to improve the product.

InstaNatural Rose Water Facial Toner

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Benefits and Uses: The product is supposedly a number one bestseller. It is a rose water perfume toner that will not irritate the skin. The product seems well-known as there have been over 2000 reviews written about the product. It can be used to moisturize the skin and treat damaged hair. It is a versatile product. The toner can be used on a variety of skin types as well. The company does not make any sensational claims about the product which is good.

Feedback: The customer says the product has left the skin looking brighter and younger-looking. This was the extent of the review. This does not tell us how it made the skin to improve in brightness or appearance. More detail written by the reviewer would have been very helpful. The one customer says it does not even smell like rose and that is about it. Another customer says it smells nice but it is not doing anything for the skin. It may smell nice but if it is having no positive impact on the skin then it is useless.

Andalou Naturals Willow Bark Pure Pore Toner

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00B7V4DTU&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=balancemebeau 20 - The Best Toner for Oily Skinir?t=balancemebeau 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B00B7V4DTU - The Best Toner for Oily Skin

Benefits and Uses: The product contains willow bark this is a unique and interesting ingredient to have in the toner. The toner will balance the pH of the skin giving it a more balanced look. It is designed for acne-prone skin, pores that clog easily, and easily irritated skin.

Feedback: This sounds like a fake review. The customer says the product smells like roses and applies easily to the skin. They love the smell of the toner. It is not an overpowering scent that dissipates quickly. It absorbs quickly into the customer’s skin and the customer has combination type skin. The customer says the product nicely balances out the skin.


This article has pointed out to you some of the best toners available on the market. No matter what the type of skin you have one of these toners should be able to meet your needs. Even though specifically, the toner product descriptions did not say the toners would treat all skin types. Most likely, you will find a toner from the list that will suit you.


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Written by Irina Radosevic MD
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